Pelvic Health Physiotherapy

“We are only as strong as our weakest link”.

Sometimes pelvic floor muscles are weak, tight or injured after surgery or trauma, including pregnancy and delivery; and high impact sports strain the pelvic floor. Symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction include: bladder or bowel leaking; pelvic or low back pain; difficulty recruiting and sustaining core stability; pelvic organ prolapse. These imbalances can be addressed with specific exercises and treatment techniques.

Danielle Lapointe our specialised pelvic health physiotherapist will take a detailed history, do a mechanical assessment and sometimes an internal assessment to determine if there are any imbalances in the skeleton and soft tissue. She will provide appropriate education, treatment and exercises to improve and optimize pelvic floor function. Optimal pelvic health can improve many aspects of fitness and quality of life.


ACC Womens Health Initial: $35
ACC Womens Health F/U: $30

Private Appointment:
Initial Womens health appointment: $100
Follow Up Womens health appointment: $80