Physiotherapy Tips

Injuries as a result of a motor vehicle, non work and work place accidents need extreme care. Following up with a physiotherapist for assessment and treatments can often resolve injuries with better long-term results.

-Accidental injury

Due to a change in weight distribution around the abdomen over the course of pregnancy, it can lead to drastic changes in posture. Poor posture affects many pregnant women. It is best to try physiotherapy to help relieve any back, sacrum or hip pain. Book an appointment with our Womens Health... read more »

Physiotherapist Danielle LaPointe for a consult.


Medications are not the only choice for persistent pain. Pain is a complex mechanism, but a physiotherapist can help to break the pain cycle and help with return to activity. Acupuncture has been shown to provide a successful form of drug free pain relief. Additionally, research has proven... read more »

that exercises provide effective long term relief in most cases. Dynamic Rehab work with Habit Rehab to provide a MDT approach to helping you overcome persistent pain.

-Chronic pain

Conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other conditions, affect not only the elderly, but young adults alike. Physiotherapy modalities and movement based therapy prescribed by a physiotherapist can help these conditions.

-Relief from bone ailments

Physiotherapy can help to improve outcomes for surgery. This is especially true if you’re considering a hip- or knee replacement. Follow-up with your specialist or surgeon to determine if you would benefit from physiotherapy before or after surgery.

-Pre- and post- operative care

Symptoms of dizziness, vertigo and nausea may vary from mild to severe. Symptoms may last a few seconds to several months. They may go into remission and reappear after many months or years. A vestibular physiotherapist is trained to assess and treat for conditions that may affect your inner... read more »

ear function. This is a safe and drug free option for minimizing dizziness, improving balance and regaining your independence.


Ask us about our physiotherapy rehab programmes. Long hours spent in front of technology can cause havoc on the musculo-skeletal system. Whether you are wanting to return to a sedentary job or more physical job physio rehabilitation programs simply take a far more holistic approach to health... read more »

and well-being compared to any other form of treatment. We will tailor your programme to your goals and get you back to work fitness faster.

-Rehabilitation and exercise

Physiotherapists can help you in using a combination of manual therapy (hands-on therapy), exercise, and education to ensure that you work together as a team on your path to recovery.

-How Does a Physiotherapist help with injuries or pain?