Our values

We believe in a model of client care based around quality not quantity. Mark and Mat have both worked in clinics where the appointment times were between 15-20 minutes long, and where the client and the therapist were both rushed through the process, neither of us feel that this is the way forward. We believe that to provide a quality care package, we need a strong foundation where time is given to both the client and the therapist. Appointment times at both clinics range from 30 minutes (short in our books), to 1 hour long. This gives us time to address the issues, in a world that seems to be ever rushing us through.

All of the therapists that work with us have a strong outdoor focus, and like to keep active, which helps us understand the needs of an active community like Gisborne, not to mention that we have all been on the receiving end of injuries, and personally understand the recovery process. All of our clinicians are manual therapists, who provide a hands on approach to care, mixed with sound client education.

We have access to a full gamut of diagnostics along with strong links to local specialists. We believe that cohesion in the medical system is necessary to provide top level care, which is why we have an active working relationship with the local GP’s, the Orthopaedic surgeons, YMCA Personal trainers, the Fracture clinic and ACC Case Managers.

At Dynamic Rehab our goal is to get you back on your feet and active as soon as possible. So you tell your friends, workmates (and sporting partner, as you pass them on that steep hill section) how you made it happen.