Our clinics

We currently have 2 clinics operating in the city centre, both provide 45 minute – 1 hour long sessions in a calm, comfortable, air conditioned environment.

Dynamic Rehab at the YMCA:

We have a 4 room clinic attached to the YMCA gym in the sporting heart of Gisborne . The YMCA has a rich heritage of sporting and community participation, and houses Gisborne’s largest gym complex.

Through our relationship with the YMCA we have access to a full Gymnasium for our clients. We can provide stand-alone programmes, ACC back to work programmes and can cater for all musculo-skeletal Physiotherapy needs.

We provide a link between the medical model and the Personal Trainers and can facilitate a seamless return to performance, or a Proactive Wellness programme to maximise performance and avoid injury.

Wairoa Community Centre, Wairoa

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